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Nuv Yug's Online Stage Performance Registration Process

Welcome to the Online Stage Performance Registration page. In order to efficiently manage a large number of performers, choreographers, and coordinators, we utilize a fully automated online registration process. We do not accept any paper form or CDs for your soundtrack. You have to use our online system to provide all necessary information.

The following diagram explains various states your registration will move through in our system as you progress. Please read the following information carefully before starting your user and item registration.

Step 1: Parents, Choreographers, Teachers, and Adult Performers - Create a Nuv Yug ID.

Step 2: Parents of under 18 performers - Create a Nuv Yug ID for their child.

When creating a child's ID, parents need to login with their own Nuv Yug ID created in Step 1 as the Parent ID. It links a parent's Nuv Yug ID with child's Nuv Yug ID. Also note these steps are needed only once. We retain Nuv Yug IDs for future years.

Step 3: Parents, Choreographers, Teachers, and Adult Performers - Sign electronic waiver.

Parents need to make sure all children are listed on the same waiver. A waiver needs to be signed each year. Parents and performers need to give Nuv Yug IDs of performers to their teachers or choreographers for Step 5. Please DO NOT give the Nuv Yug ID of a parent to choreographer. If you do so, the system will show your name and not your child's name as performer. Nuv Yug will not be able to correct name due to this error.

Starting 2019 in Raleigh, participants need to pay the registration fee via Dashboard. Only paid performers can be added to Stage Items in Step 5 below. A participant needs to pay only once.

In Charlotte, all performers are required to purchase festival admission ticket via Dashboard.

They are done at this point!

Step 4: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - Create New Stage Performance. [Screenshot]

This and all subsequent steps need to be completed by a choreographer, teacher or someone designated as the submitter of your item. Teachers with many students are encouraged to assign a parent of one of their students to take on this duty. It helps divide the responsibility of managing item details among several people for those who have many students.

Step 5: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - Add Performers.

Ask parents or performers for Nuv Yug IDs created in Step 2 (under 18 performers) or Step 1 (adult performers). Make sure you add the minimum required number of performers per guidelines for your category. [Screenshot] Remember, only the person who creates the item in the previous step, can add performers and complete subsequent steps.

Step 6: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - Modify & Submit -> Check YES to Submit -> Submit.

[Screenshot] When you complete this step, your item is ready for committee review. Until you complete this step, the cultural committee will not review your item. Your item must meet requirements before you can submit. The system will display a message if your item does not meet requirements for any reason. When you have successfully submitted your item, it will show the status "Under Review". If online audition is required, please provide a link to YouTube video at this step. If it shows your item's status as "Wait Listed", our audition schedule is full and you may not be invited for audition. Please try again next year.

Step 7: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - View - Upload MP3 file of the soundtrack of your item.

Please make sure that the soundtrack you submit is ready to be played from the beginning during the audition. Typically only first two minutes or so of your soundtrack will be played during the audition. You may revise the soundtrack after the audition if needed.

Step 8: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - Select Audition Timeslot.

After you upload the soundtrack, you may select a one hour period (e.g. 11-12noon) as your item's audition time. When you complete this step, your item status will change to "Ready to Audition". This function allows you to plan ahead. You will receive specific audition time (e.g. 11:32 AM) a few days before the audition day. You may also monitor your dashboard for specific time assignment. When your item has been assigned a specific time, the status of your item will change to "Invited for Audition". Please do not ask us for your audition time. You are guaranteed to be assigned a time slot within the hour you selected. Please plan accordingly. Exact times are usually assigned a few days before the audition. The IDOL contestants do not need to select a timeslot for their prelim round.

Step 9: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - View - Provide the announcement script

This script (500 characters or less) will be used by the MC to introduce your item. We reserve the right to modify your script as needed.

Step 10: Choreographer, Teacher or Submitter - View / Submit to upload final soundtrack

The duration of your item must match the duration of the file you uploaded. If there is a discrepancy of over 30 seconds between the time you entered and the duration of the file you provided, it will require us to follow up with you. Please help us by avoiding this situation. Thank you!

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Non-Discrimination Policy
Nuv Yug does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, any disability, sexual orientation or veteran status in its programs or employment.

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